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order fast & easy with the 2b2c terrace app



iOS 7.0+ & Android 4.0+

Step 1: read the ‘HowTo’

The first time, the App starts with a clear & simple ‘HowTo’. Swipe through the pages.

Step 2: scan the QR code

Scan the QR code on your table. The list with drinks for your table will be loaded.

Step 3: choose drinks

Choose your drinks with the + & – buttons (The most ordered drinks in your country are on top of the scrollist).

Step 4: send order

Check your order. Change it or send your order to the bar. You will receive a confirmation.

Step 5: your drinks will be served


The waiter will pour you your drinks & serve them at your table.

Step 6: pay like you are used to

Pay as you are used to do. With Maestro, cash, creditcard, … PS: You can ask for /order the bill with the 2B2C App!

The advantages:

2B2C Terrace App

Do you hate waiting for the waiter to come, so that you can order drinks? 

Is there no better solution for this?

Yes there is! Use the 2B2C Terrace App.

Order whenever you want to!
Without calling the waitress first.


No sign in. No account needed. No personal data needed.

Just scan the QR code on your table.

Choose your drinks and send your order to the bar.

Order fast & Easy.
Without an account, without signing in!

That’s why!

You never have to interrupt an interesting conversation to call the waitress. 

No more discomfort because you can’t order.

More uninterrupted fun with the 2B2C Terrace App 

And paying?

Just pay the same way as you are used to; with Maestro, cash, creditcard, …

Safe & trusted. Without security or privacy risks.

TIP: You can ask for / order the bill with the 2B2C App!

Just pay as you have always done.


In case your favorite terrace is not yet using the 2B2C App, ask them to sign up as soon as possible. 

It’s free for them as well!

Make your favorite terrace use the 2B2C App as well!




Tell everybody about the 2B2C Terrace App and ask every terrace to join.

Do you own a bar / terrace?


your guests can order

with the 2B2C Terrace App as well!

You don’t have to pay us anything. No monthly/yearly costs. No percentage. No installation costs.

Yes. It’s free.

No integration in your cash register system.

(your guests will keep paying the way they do today)

Sign up. Alter the list with drinks if you wish to. Attach QR codes on your tables. That’s it!

The stand-alone Bar App which receives your guests’ orders works on every Android tablet. (only WiFi needed)

Beneficial for both you & your guests!

The advantages:

When your guests can order with the 2B2C App, there will be advantages for you as well.

Ask yourself some simple questions:


How often does it become “unplanned” so busy that you don’t have enough hired help ?


Are all your guests able to order when they want to?


How much time does it take to take your guests order?


Considering the whole process of ordering, pouring drinks, serving & paying,

what is the most time consuming?


Do you think that there is a chance that with the 2B2C App your guests will order more often?


… and will stay longer?

No costs! Free!



FREE for everybody

also for bar / terrace owners!

Your guest want to use it.

And you?

What have you got to loose?

It’s free and almost no work to implement.

Give it a chance.

Try it for a season. 

Let your guests decide whether they are happy with the 2B2C App.

How to sign up?

Use the sign up form.

Within minutes, we will sent you a clear instruction

how to (fast & easy) start receiving 2B2C App orders from your guests.

(sign up form)


Your question may already be answered in the FAQ.

If not, you can ask your question by filling in this form.


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